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Feel free to book now! For GMAT study plans to achieve your target score, meet with one of our team members at your convenient time.

Feel free to book now! For GMAT study plans to achieve your target score, meet with one of our team members


"Ashwin G S"

"NOT ALL SUCCESS IS OUR OWN".. I was hitting a q 40 after a lot of prep and struggling with the quant.. I was not sure how to approach things and was totally lost.. Then coincidently or to my benifit I met this person who changed my perception/attitude. I got the right mentoring at the right time .. Everything fell in place.. This couldn't have happened if had not scheduled a 1-1 mentoring from the Math Revolution team .This session changed my perception and confidence .MR Punit made me get a q50 in just 9 days .He is Mr Captain Cool who gave me the right advise at the most needed time..10 point jump is only because of the exact super specific plan given by him.. What I did was only diligently follow...! He exactly knew where I was and what I was lacking..The team of Math Revolution has sent such high quality standards, specially Punit sir .. Now I am in journey of improving my verbal and whatever jump I always will owe it to him ..

"Thank you for your time!"

Hi Punit, Thanks a lot for your time today. The session was really productive and has helped me introspect to a great extent.

"1-on-1 Comprehensive Counseling with Punit"

I had a counseling/strategy session with Punit today. He shared a great bit of info to elevate my GMAT scores to a new high. Excited to work with him to execute his GMAT preparation schedule. His info on Math Revolution will really help me jumpstart my Quant GMAT preparation.


It was like Punit Sir already had an idea of my situation & he tried to tell me the better way to move ahead.. Thanks for your time & Support Punit Sir...

"Math Revolution: 1-on-1 Comprehensive Counseling "

Hello, I liked the quick analysis of the problem and the solution provided which I think will add value. A very useful call certainly.

" Thank you for your time!"

Thank you for the session. It was very helpful.

"Thank you for your call last week"

Thank you for your email and for the call last week. It was truly helpful. I am trying to implement the techniques that I learned with you. Let's see what happens and hope for the best. I would like to thank you one more time for your attention.

"Great Intro Meeting"

Punit is very knowledgeable and got me excited to begin the study process and gave me the confidence to believe I could successfully learn the concepts to get the score I needed!

"Thank you for your time!"

It was a great session. I’m yet to apply the process we discussed. Thanks a lot!

"I got a Q49 on the last mock I took."

I got a 680 ( Q42, V41, IR 6), my maths performance didn't improve drastically however I retained my verbal skills. Thus I was able to get a decent score. I got a Q49 on the last mock I took. Don't really understand what happened but it's still an improvement from the 590 (Q36, V35, IR 7) I got in December, so thank you . Overall, your course was excellent. My feedback is that apart from the questions after each topic, there should be more questions in practice. There should be more options to break the practice test into smaller chunks. The video player could be improved massively. The explanations for the practice test could be rewritten for some questions,there are still some errors in some questions and in a few slides used in the theory part. I can confidently say that if I had begun my preparation with you guys, I would have definitely scored much better. I still might go for a reattempt to maybe get my scores up. I will keep you posted.