MBA Consulting

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Our Services

  • Candidate assesment
  • -Use 22 checklist
    -Brainstorm strategy (overall theme and back-up stories)
    -Career goal coaching
    -How to enhance weak and ​maximize ​strong areas
  • School ​s​election​
  • Essay ​outlining and editing
  • Resume ​​strategy
  • Recommendation letter strategy
  • School communication strategy
  • Interview prep​aration
  • Waitlist Assistance
  • Post-acceptance strategy
  • Re-applicant Analysis: 2 hours

Hourly Services

For clients who wish to reduce the costs by getting partial consultation
for certain areas that they want and to apply by themselves









Contact JH Lim (president) at, if you have any inquiry or want a free consulting.

We consult students to achieve higher-level b-schools, not just safety schools.

Consulting of Max Lee, who has sent 2000 students to business schools in 17 years with his own big data and know-how.

Provide methods to apply to higher-level schools, including the Global Top 10-20 MBA, according to the world’s first 22 checklist and statistical analysis.

Essay support for the acceptance of Global TOP MBA according to the best information that cannot be found on google or anywhere else. Provide the students with the best customized selling point and copy writing.

Outstanding learning effectiveness-the ability to apply to 10 schools after consultation of only 1 school.

Without hiring a consultant, Max Lee (CEO)
and JH Lim (President) provide direct consultation.