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Entirely different and exceptional 1-on-1 attention!
The world’s most competitive rate (starting $60 per hour)
at the highest quality! Achieve a score of 49-51
just like 70% of our students

We have two top-rated professional tutors available.

Mr. Heejean Kim

He is based in LA, US. He received his doctorate degree in mathematics
and cryptology at Korea University.
Top rated in student satisfaction (5.0 out of 5.0 in GMAT Club reviews)

$80 per hour


Mr. Punit Joshi

He is based in Dubai, Arab Emirates. He has been specializing in math training for almost 1,200+ students across the globe to help their international studies for 6 years now. He can teach various exams such as GMAT, GRE, and SAT.
Top rated in student satisfaction in GMAT Club.

$60 per hour

There are no skill differences between two tutors. Different rates are based on
the suggestion of each tutor. Wherever you are located, the time zone doesn't matter.
Our tutors will try to best meet your preferred time for tutoring.
Bonus Benefits!
If you purchase 8-hours of private tutoring, it’s as if you’re almost getting it free or receiving more than what you pay when you consider the following substantial benefits:
• $199 worth 3-month full online access to Math Revolution VIP course.
(100 hours of video lessons, 3,000 practice questions, 700+ level questions, 2-month Daily Quiz, Alternative solutions to Official Guide)
• $150 worth extra 1,100 tutoring question pack exclusively for tutoring students
• $250 worth GMAT Club Tests (+1,780 questions)
• Individual study plan based on a diagnostic test
• Personalized and best suited curriculum, schedule, and guidance.
• Perfect assistance that helps students master all math topics
• 7-day Money Back guarantee
• Refund the amount of unused hours. A minimum cancellation fee will be applied depending on used hours and subscription period

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